Tech companies to build a new model of ‘social avoidance’ mobile phone

Photo: Trusted Reviews

Listening to their growing customer needs to avoid social and interpersonal interactions, multinational technology giants Apple and Samsung will soon have a new model of mobile phone on the market.

While few details are known at this stage, it is understood that Apple will coin their new lineup of mobile phone the iPhoney while Samsung’s launch will introduce a new Parandroid operating system.

“It’s the practical and user-friendly phone to help you avoid those awkward social encounters,” said Samsung CEO Jong-Kyun Shin.

“When someone is walking toward you, you only need to pull out your phone and glance at the screen until they’ve passed by and then put it back in your pocket.”

The new phones are expected to have a simple and sleek design, each with their own version of speech-recognition technology.

“Users will be able to have more meaningful conversations with their phone than they do with their partners,” said mobile and telecoms senior director Brian O’Donald.

“They will be able to ask their phone if anyone is nearby and receive clear directions for avoiding them.”