Aussie users of ancestry DNA tests shocked at their results

Dozens of Australians who lined up for DNA testing of their family history say they’re shocked by the results that came back.

One lady from Queensland, a prominent public figure who wished to remain anonymous, said she couldn’t believe her tests revealed she’s 59% Northern European, 32% Greek and 9% Middle Eastern.

“This is absolute bullshit,” the lady said adding that she would have never stepped foot in the country if she knew of her Middle Eastern heritage. “They must have got my sample mixed up.”

A man from Tamworth in New South Wales said he wasn’t surprised to learn of his results which showed that he’s 90% European and 10% Maori from the tribe of Ngāpuhi.

“I am a born and bred kiwi,” the man said. “And bloody proud of it.”

Another man from Queensland said he felt embarrassed by his DNA results which showed he is 40% Italian.

“It was a complete shock to me,” he said. “I had no idea that I had any Italian links and it cost me my job.”

Meanwhile a number of prominent Australians are biting their nails as they wait the results of their DNA test.