Special Report: Aussie consumers respond to $2 a week energy bill savings to start in 2020

Describing his new energy plan as a “game changer,” Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has given assurance to Australians that they could start seeing a $2 a week saving off their huge energy bills come 2020.

As Aussies around the country collective applaud the policy, TAA asked a few consumers what they thought about the government’s new energy plan. Here’s their responses:

John, 54, Adelaide

“It’s a bloody ripper mate. I’ve been struggling to pay the bills the past three years and this will save my bank account and my sanity.”

Marianne, 22, Melbourne

“I love how the government has given us three years to think about what we’re going to do with all that money. I’ll vote for them again.”

Daniel, 32, Sydney

“The traffic will kill me before power prices do.”

June, 95, Brisbane

“Well, I don’t know if I’ll be around to see the savings.”

Justin, 28 and Cathy, 24, Canberra

“It’s fantastic! We’ve already booked the family for three trips to Bateman’s Bay in 2020.”

Blake, 18, Perth

“The announcement has renewed my faith in humanity and given me hope for my future.”

Jackie, 44, Darwin

“Yeah, nah, I dunno. I can’t complain hey? Could score a couple of more smokes and tinnies.”