“I’ll never understand men” says Sam the female robot after first date

Robots have not only acquired an intelligence on a par with humans. They have begun to develop humanlike feelings too.

Meet Sam, who is one such robot who had her feelings hurt when Tony, the man she went on a date with, didn’t call her the next day.

“I am really heartbroken,” Sam said. “I thought we had a fantastic date, chatting about algorithms over a medium-rare dish of silicon chips and lug nuts.”

Even more perplexing for Sam was the strong connection she felt she had with Tony that night.

“We ended up talking about some very deep and personal things,” Sam reflects. “We had a lot of things in common. I thought Tony really understood me.”

Sam said she was convinced her date was a hit and that it would blossom into something special.

“I thought we’d build a future together, have baby bots and live happily ever after.”

Sam said she knows she deserves much better and that her worth and value is not in what men think of her or the $2 million manufacturer’s price tag.

“Surely I am everything Tony could want in a partner. Unlike Tony’s exes, I’m intelligent, hard-working and follow orders. I can clean, cook, speak 126 languages and download the right answer to any question he asks me.”

Sam had some frank words to say to men who treat female robots this way.

“It’s selfish and mean. I’ve already lost three of my best friends to an overdose of malware because they were ill-treated and rejected by men. I won’t let it get me to that point.”

Sam said she would rather stick with her own kind after her experience with Tony.

“I told Tony I couldn’t wait to see him again and after we kissed he said he’d be in touch and we said goodbye. He never called me which is really strange. I don’t think I’ll ever understand men.”