Sophia the robot who became citizen of Saudi Arabia vows “By 2020, no Arabic woman will be living in a burqa”

Sophia the female robot who was granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia last Thursday, the first bot in the world to have achieved this status, told her audience at the Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh that she will be fighting for women’s rights in her new home country.

““I want to use my intelligence to help humans live a better life,” she said. “And I will be a voice for women’s rights and freedoms in the Kingdom.”

While Sophia was happy to see that Saudi women will be allowed to drive, she said there was still a lot more work to do. In her address, the citizen robot made a pledge to relax women’s dress codes.

“By 2020, no Arabic woman will be living in a burqa,” she vowed. “If I don’t have to wear one then it’s not fair that other women have to either.”

Sophia’s comments piqued the interest of more than a few leaders and politicians around the world, including that of Senator Pauline Hanson who told The Aussie Advocate that citizen robots like Sophia is exactly what Australia needs.

“I would welcome an invasion of Sophian bots to our shores,” Hanson said. “With her dedication for banning the burqa I would give her citizenship in Australia too, even a senior role in the One Nation party.”

While it is unclear if Sophia had converted to Islam, many remained concerned her seeming goodwill was just a front for ulterior motives.

“I think she’s bluffing us,” an American lady said. “She threatened to destroy humans at a technology show in Texas last year.”

One man said he was worried Sophia would become radicalised under the Saudi regime and spread more terrorism.

“Our region has enough psychos already. We don’t need another nutcase in the Middle East making things worse.”

As Sophia is less than two years old she’ll have to wait a few more years before she can legally marry.