Government announces late voters can send their same sex marriage forms through the NBN

Anyone worried about not having their same-sex marriage vote counted because they haven’t posted it can breathe a sigh of relief.

Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull has announced that starting today voters will be allowed to send their ballots via the National Broadband Network.

“This is fantastic news for the remaining four million eligible voters who haven’t had a chance to mail their same sex marriage form,” Turnbull told reporters on Wednesday.

“We’re especially mindful of young voters who feel challenged by the complexities of sending physical mail.

“So this morning my government announces that anyone who hasn’t sent their form can do so over Australia’s fast and reliable broadband network service.

“Just fill in the form, seal it in the envelope and place it in the NBN.”

Hopeful for a boost in the polls, Mr Turnbull said he was confident the government’s broadband access would finally benefit Australians.

Meanwhile the announcement has come as a surprise to the Australian Bureau of Statistics who said they weren’t aware of any new arrangements for receiving the forms.

“This is news to us,” a spokesman for the ABS said. “Since when did the NBN become a postal service anyway?”