He made $25k a month but quit it all to reveal his ‘secrets to freelance riches’

You’d be crazy to ignore this offer from young entrepreneur William Benson.

William, who goes by his handle Billy ‘badassboss’ Benson on social media, says he ended his lucrative laptop lifestyle to reveal his secret strategies to building massive online wealth.

“I started the business six weeks ago while living in mum’s basement,” the enterprising solopreneur told The Aussie Advocate. “Now I’m ready to share my success with the world.”

Billy said that when he saw a “sick looking yellow convertible” at a local car show a couple of weeks ago, he asked his mate to take a snap of him standing in front of it.

“I then had an awesome idea that I could use the pic to advertise my new online business, the ‘secrets to freelance riches.’

“So use the pic I did. I first added some random text about making $25k a month, and next I wrote an ad for the business and then uploaded it to my @badassboss sites.”

Though Billy promises his clients they’ll make a quick fortune from the comfort of their own home while enjoying a lifestyle others will envy, and be their own boss in a successful freelance business with no skills, no training and no start-up costs, he admits he didn’t really make $25k a month like his ad claims. But Billy puts that down to his determination to improve his playing abilities at League of Legends and World of Warcraft for hours each day.

“I’ve got more important things to do in life than worry about making money,” he said. “Sure, if people need an income to pay the rent and bills, then get a bloody job!”

Billy says he’s not worried if paying customers fail in their freelance business because the reality is, most business start-ups fail anyway.

“I’m already prepared for the whingers and whiners who come back to me and complain they didn’t make any money. I just tell them ‘well you obviously didn’t try hard enough’ or ‘I never guaranteed you’d make money and if you bothered to read clause #4129 in the fine print disclaimer you’d know that anyway.’”

Billy is confident that one day he’ll be making $25k a month but says it won’t be from a business that sells products or services. Rather, he says, it will come from thousands of customers over the internet buying his new ‘secrets to freelance riches’ program.

“It’s the hope of making easy money online that has people from all over the world swarming to buy these kinds of products.

“Let’s face it, the only online freelance business that really works is the one that sells people their own online freelance business.”

Billy was kind enough to tell The Aussie Advocate how he came up with his program.

“I created the program from stuff I found for free over the internet,” he gloats.

“I then asked my dad, who use to be a contrabandist, to package the information into a saleable product.

“To give my offer credibility, I asked a few of my mates to write raving five-star reviews.”

Billy says he’ll remain living in his mum’s basement, but only as long as it takes his new business to take off.

“I hope to see my first sale by the end of the year,” he said.