Kangaroo charged over one-punch attack

The offending kangaroo. Photo: NSW Ambulance, news.com.au

Police will allege a kangaroo punched a man in the head while he was feeding wildlife at his property on the NSW South Coast on Thursday morning.

It was initially understood the marsupial pushed the 80-year-old victim, forcing him to fall to the ground resulting in multiple cuts to his lower legs.

But fresh evidence has emerged that the kangaroo, of eastern grey appearance, had punched the man without warning.

“It was a vicious and cowardly attack,” said Constable Leah Williams, who headed the investigation.

“The elderly man was just going about his business when suddenly the kangaroo appeared out of nowhere and punched him in the head.”

Ms Williams said the man, who suffered concussion as a result of the forceful blow, has been left frightened to leave his home.

Meanwhile, Premier Gladys Berejiklian has announced that her government will introduce tough new late-night curfews on roos in NSW parks and reserves to curb the growing violence.

The kangaroo has been granted conditional bail and is due to face Nowra Local Court on Wednesday, December 6.