“I never thought a job cleaning toilets could make me so happy”

Today Jimmy Henderson is as happy as a pig in mud in his new job as a public toilet cleaner.

But it wasn’t always that way.

Henderson struggled for years in long-term unemployment, grappling to find what he wanted to do. His depression and aimlessness only deepened when he enrolled in university after his parents told him he should pursue a profession.

“Even after I completed my Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sydney, I still didn’t know what to do,” he said.

Then, as if Henderson had a lightbulb moment, he realised what he had been missing all this time.

“I heard some politician ranting on television about the way to find happiness was to get a job – any job no matter what.”

So Henderson set on a path to apply for as many jobs as he could before he received a phone call for an interview.

“I applied for 50 jobs in the first week alone. And though the call was for a job cleaning public toilets I thought to myself, ‘why not?’ So I gave it a shot.”

Henderson said he passed the tough panel interview and was placed on a three-month probation period to demonstrate his suitability for the position.

“I worked my ass off for those three months and was so thrilled when I got the job.”

Henderson said he was pleasantly surprised about the positive impact his new career had on his life and wellbeing.

“I never would of dreamed that cleaning piss and shit from toilets and floors for $7.29 an hour could be so personally rewarding,” he said.

“I can only thank that politician on TV who clearly knew better than me about what makes me happy.”