Man arrested after allegedly shouting “Allos Nutbar!” in Melbourne’s CBD

Collins Street Photo: Daniel Pockett/The Age

Breaking: A man has been arrested after allegedly shouting “Allos Nutbar!” while walking down busy Collins Street in Melbourne’s CBD early this morning.

Initial reports say the man, of Mediterranean appearance, was “behaving frantically” in a public space, alarming nearby pedestrians.

“He was walking erratically by the side of the road yelling ‘Allos Nutbar!’ ‘Allos Nutbar!’”, a witness told reporters.

Another witness told reporters when he saw the man he immediately phoned Victoria police fearing a terrorist attack was imminent.

“I was frightened he was going to blow us all up,” he said.

A police spokeswoman said the man told police during initial questioning he was looking for his breakfast nut bar which he lost while walking to work.

“The apparent bar at the centre of this investigation is the one packed with delicious cashew nuts and almonds wrapped in the natural sweetness of fruits and honey,” she said

The man is continuing to assist police with their inquiries.