Government to run the country by plebiscites

Photo: Andrew Meares/SMH

Saying how for the first time since he became the nation’s leader he finally achieved something after the result of the SSM vote, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced that from today until the next election, every decision the government makes, including the decision on the next election date, will be made by a plebiscite.

“Starting today, my government, and indeed the whole of parliament, will not deliberate on one more bill or make one more decision on behalf of the Australian people before taking it to a nationwide plebiscite,” he told reporters.

Turnbull said that after the extraordinary result of the marriage equality plebiscite yesterday, the country was ready to embark on a different way of doing politics.

“We will begin a new path of governing by plebiscites,” he said adding that it would not be a painfully long process like the SSM plebiscite before it is up and running.

“My party will take our proposal of governing by plebiscites to the Australian people by a plebiscite before Christmas this year.”

Turnbull said he was confident the majority of Australians would support his idea.

“I believe at least 61.6% of Australians will agree with me that running this great nation of ours by plebiscites is a good thing,” he said.

“It will be the Australian people who make decisions on behalf of the Australian people.”

In a rare display of bipartisanship, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten threw his support behind the proposal saying “it’s the only way we’ll ever get anything done while this mob is in government.”