Trump orders deployment of navy aircrew to show the world whose boss

President Donald Trump has again exercised his powers as Commander in Chief, only this time, on Thursday, he ordered the US Navy to draw a gigantic penis in the sky.

Images of the ballsy public art, which appeared in the skies above Washington State’s Okanogan County, was meant to convey a powerful message to the world.

“If anyone dare test the resolve of the United States and our military, I suggest you be warned,” Trump said in an official statement on Twitter. “We are hard and ready for action.”

First Lady Melania Trump echoed her husband’s tweet with her own sobering warning.

“Let me just say from personal experience that when Donald says he will do it he is not joking,” she said.

“I would say to anyone who thinks to provoke Donald that he won’t hesitate to use his most potent weapon on you. He’ll pound you into submission.”

A White House spokesman also issued a chilling warning telling reporters that if Trump decides to invade he won’t pull out until his job is done.