Climate change deniers warn “preventing climate change will result in catastrophic change to the climate”

Climate change deniers have issued a warning that preventing anthropogenic climate change will result in devastating change to the climate, according to a new report.

Pointing to the Lake George basin in south-eastern New South Wales as “indisputable evidence” that dealing with climate change was causing damage to the environment, skeptics said it was only a matter of time before we see much larger bodies of natural water levels fall and eventually disappear.

“Look at that barren thing, it used to be a small inland ocean filled with fish but now it’s nothing but dried up plains thanks to those nutty global warming alarmists,” said one climate change denier.

“At this rate it won’t be long before we see Botany Bay, Bateman’s Bay and Sydney Harbour dry up and vanish too.”

The chilling prediction follows 15,000+ scientists from 184 countries who in stark contrast signed a warning that there needs to be urgent change in order to save the planet.

The issue has sharply divided skeptics and climate change scientists drawing an exchange of heated tirades.

“We need to stop these crazy bastards before they destroy us all,” said Christopher ‘Lawd’ Monckton, a British climate change skeptic who recently traveled to Australia to warn anyone who dare listen to him about the “great global warming hoax.”

Accusing climate change scientists of scaremongering, Monckton ranted: “With their absurd ideas to manage global warming, we could see dramatically falling sea levels resulting in oceans disappearing off the face of the earth, a new global ice age and the sixth major mass extinction, all happening within the next 30 years.”