Rowan and Ross to play Beavis and Butthead in new comedy film

Coming to grips with the fact that the 12 viewers who watch their television commentary program on any given day see it purely as a cult comedy, Rowan Dean and Ross Cameron have finally decided it’s time to hand over their show as commentators to those far better at it, and instead play lead roles in the new movie Beavis and Butthead Do Australia due for release in the new year.

“Rowan and Ross will make perfect characters for the new Beavis and Butthead feature film,” said Mike Judge, director of the original 1990s series who will be producing and directing the sequel.

“All these guys have to do is just be themselves on the set and their Beavis and Butthead roles will be acted out flawlessly,” he said.

While the movie will continue many of the lines and themes from the original 1990s animated sitcom, there will be plenty of fresh Australian content to capture the characters’ natural personalities.

“Basically all we’ll direct the pair to do is to act the way they normally would on their program, repeat a few of those funny lines they occasionally come out with, then we’ll tie it all together into a full comedy show,” said Judge.

“With these two larrikins playing the roles it will be a scream.”