Heeeeeee’s back: Don returns to television with a new show called “Burke’s Graveyard”

Don Burke is back and he’s returning to television with a brand new show called Burke’s Graveyard.

The surprise announcement follows allegations that emerged last week that Burke was a “bully” and “sexual predator” back in the 1980s and 90s when he was presenter of the popular gardening and lifestyle program Burke’s Backyard.

But things have changed a lot for Burke since his heyday as a star TV show presenter. Today Burke faces a number of accusations against him about his prior treatment of women and former colleagues.

In what was a bizarre interview on A Current Affair on Monday evening, Burke admitted to Tracy Grimshaw that he had a dark and morbid way of thinking.

“It’s what inspired me to return to the screen with a new show,” Burke says. “It’s basically a remake of Burke’s Backyard with a far more sincere expression of my deeper fetishes. I’m confident audiences will love it.”

The horticulturalist turned taphophile, says the program will continue many of the tips and tricks that featured in his old show.

“I’ll be taking audiences to cemeteries where we investigate all the creepy crawlies that live in there,” he said. “We’ll look at everything you can imagine from how to graffiti memorials to carefully digging up dead bodies from graves.”

Burke’s Graveyard is expected to have an updated theme song called Leave Me Alone Among the Cemeteries.

The program will begin airing its first episode early next year.