Bureau of Meteorology issue mild weather warning ahead of Christmas Day


The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) has issued an unprecedented mild weather warning for the entire East Coast of Australia ahead of Christmas Day.

“This will be a significant event with clear skies combined with an offshore breeze and sunshine,” a senior meteorologist told reporters on Thursday.

“Many people forget how deadly and dangerous these weather conditions can be.”

A spokesman for the Weatherzone meteorology warned that “hundreds of people have already been injured while preparing their homes for the festive season.”

Eleven men and one woman fell from ladders on Thursday while putting up Christmas lights in preparation for the commemorative day.

In another incident, a man was taken to hospital after falling from his rooftop while attempting to put up a solar powered glittered reindeers with sleigh.

And two other people were rushed to the emergency ward after getting themselves tangled in a 25000 LED multi-function string light display which nearly choked the couple to death.

A Sky News meteorologist warned it will be a huge week of weather.

“There will be the chance of showers developing so we urge everyone to take their umbrellas and raincoats as rainwater is very wet and slippery.”

People have been known to fall from ladders and rooftops when it rains, usually in a frantic effort to get all their Christmas lights up in time,” he said.