Ben McCormack and George Pell find an unlikely partnership for their new shared mission

Former Nine reporter Ben McCormack, who yesterday was sentenced to a three-year good behaviour bond over child porn charges, has teamed up with Cardinal George Pell to pursue a very different vocation, The Aussie Advocate can reveal.

McCormack, who’ll be working alongside Pell and a religious community of priests and brothers, is understood will become a Deacon in the Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Sydney.

“McCormack will fit just perfectly in the parish service,” said Cardinal Pell, adding that he looks forward to playing ‘tag teams’ with his new younger colleague after he arrives and is formally ordained.

“McCormack brings with him a wealth of online experience and effective email communications, including digital image curation and sharing,” Pell said.

“So he’s skills will be greatly appreciated by our team, especially when it comes to creating beautiful photos of the choir boys for our website and online magazine.”