The Real Housewives of Minto

They are The Real Housewives of Minto, a group of Australian Bogan women so feral that everyone from little children to grown men, and even the cops, are afraid to go near them.

Minto, affectionately known as ‘Minno’ by locals, is a suburb near Campbelltown NSW which is well known for its large amount of public housing, and incidentally where most of the housewives live.

And it’s not just the sight of the housewives that has onlookers gripped with terror.

“These women are by far the worst behaving housewives we’ve aired on television,” says Kylie Zolciak, Executive Producer of the reality series.

“Viewers can expect to see lots of arguing, fighting, farting and larrikin drunken behaviour.

“It’s quite embarrassing actually, but funny as hell.”

One of the housewives who goes by the name Shazza, as the other women call her, gets into a heated argument with neighbour Feebi before the pair are seen brawling in the front yard.

“Both women had been drinking heavily since 8.00 am that day,” Kylie tells The Aussie Advocate.

“So it was inevitable they’d get feisty with one another, but they were best buddies again the next morning.”

The program also catches some goofy mistakes the housewives make during their everyday lives.

The first episode shows housewife Harleen struggling to shave her mo before she cuts her upper lip with a disposable razor. She’s then seen using strips of toilet paper to stop the bleeding.

The Real Housewives of Minto will premiere on Channel Nine in February 2018.