Sad Sam, still jobless, looks to be headed to a sweatshop in China

Saying just two weeks ago he would need to go on the dole after resigning from Parliament and being out of a job, Sam Dastyari has made another public appearance to tell of his ordeal since becoming unemployed.

“Centrelink have sent me to a job agency who are forcing me to work for the dole,” a crestfallen Dastyari told The Aussie Advocate.

“My only choices this draconian organisation are giving me is construction work, fruit picking, public toilet cleaning and working in a sweatshop in China.

“And what’s worse, there’s very few places left at those Australian locations so it looks like I’ll be heading to China.”

When asked by reporters how he felt about his new venture to serve the community who are paying his benefits, Dastyari replied: “It’s so depressing, I never thought being on the dole would be so hard.”

More to come.