‘We prefer Christmas day on our mobile phones than with shitty relos,’ says Spiro family

Meet the Spiro family, like many Australian families, who will look forward to gathering together today to spend Christmas glued to the screens on their mobile phones.

“I tell you what, I much prefer to spend time chatting with my online friends than dealing with shitty relos all day,” says Richard, the father of the two boys in the family.

“Every year without fail, the kids fight and the in-laws argue, and it ends up being such a shit day.”

But all that changed two years ago when the Spiro clan decided to ditch tradition and spend Christmas alone on their mobile devices.

“Now we just send the relos a Christmas e-card and wish them a happy holidays, and it’s been much more peaceful ever since.”

Richard’s wife, Jacinta, agrees saying she never enjoyed the festive family get-togethers anyway.

“If I ever have to spend another Christmas with Richard’s obnoxious mother and loudmouth sister, I’ll shoot myself,” she said.

“And I won’t be missing their spoilt kids either.

“They do nothing but moan every year about the Summery Button Down Hawaiian Shirts we buy them for gifts.”

Richard says the family’s new way of doing Christmas in silo doesn’t go unnoticed by relatives.

“We keep the whole fam well informed of our day with a steady stream of turkey lunch posts on Facebook for all to see.

“The kids too, put up pics of their presents to show off at their cousins.

“Keeping the rest of the family at a distance on Christmas day is the definitely way to go.”