Boxing Day sales to smash record for leading cause of death and poverty, report claims

Around 7 million homes are set to lose their gas and electricity in 2018 after yesterday’s record-breaking Boxing Day sales shopping frenzy, a new report claims.

Eager shoppers on the hunt for bargains spent more than $2.5 billion around Australia, enough coin to power more than 1.2 million households for an entire year, according to estimates from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

“It’s a pretty clear demonstration of reckless spending behaviour,” a spokesman from the Australian Retailers Association told The Aussie Advocate.

“At a time when so many households are feeling the stress of rising energy costs you’d think there’d be some scaling back on spending on non-essential items.

“But sadly what we see is the opposite, with the vast amount of money spent by shoppers during the annual Boxing Day sales being on junk they’ll never need or use.”

The report paints a bleak picture of tens of millions of people unwittingly setting themselves up for disastrous poverty, with rampant illness and deaths one of the alarming results of the shopping splurge.

““As many as 275,000 people will die from not having the electricity to run their air conditioners next summer,” reads the opening paragraph in the report.

“While up to a quarter of the population of Canberra, or about 98,000 people, will perish from the severe cold during winter in 2018.”

The report concludes the 2017 Boxing Day sales will go down in history as one of the leading causes of death and poverty in Australia, setting a new national record.