BREAKING: Wild Oats XI to join Sea Shepherd’s anti-whaling fight

Wild Oats XI is set to team up with Sea Shepherd to tackle Japanese whalers after its extraordinary manoeuvre forced LDV Comanche to take evasive action during the Sydney to Hobart race on Tuesday, according to reports.

The partnership was announced shortly after a successful protest against Wild Oats XI which saw them stripped from line honors and Comanche declared the winner.

“Wild Oats XI will be a great new patrol vessel to have on our side in the fight against Japan’s whaling fleet,” said a spokesman for Sea Shepherd Australia.

“If they can pull manoeuvres like they did in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, Japan’s whaling vessels won’t stand a chance.”

Though Wild Oats XI lost the race on protest for their manoeuvre that nearly caused two yachts to collide, marine conservation organisations around the world have viewed the event in a more positive light.

“It will be the first time we have the ability to catch and disrupt these Japanese harpoon ships and send them running like frightened little fish through the ocean,” reads a statement from Sea Shepherd Global.