Trump unveils his latest sanctioned street artwork

@kimspillow | Instagram

President Donald Trump has unveiled his latest sanctioned street artwork – a five storey high penis mural that adorns the side of an apartment building in New York.

Dubbed “the pink phallic” and “wiener wall” by locals, the 13-metre-tall member is the creation of Swedish artist Carolina Falkholt who received a tweet from Trump three days before Christmas requesting she paint the image in honour of him.

“It’s the President’s message to New York that he really is a straight up kind of guy,” said a White House spokesperson on Thursday.

“He wants to maintain a robust presence in the city he loves and to show New Yorkers he remains firmly rooted there.”

While some from the neighbourhood find the image crude, others see the underlying thoughtfulness in the message and say they appreciate it.

“I’m thankful our President is standing up for us,” one New Yorker tweeted.

Last month, Trump ordered the US Navy Aircrew to draw a gigantic penis in the sky above Washington State, apparently to show the world he is in charge and ready for any action.