Man fails New Year’s resolution: Slips back into healthy eating and exercise

Chuck O’Keeffe set himself an ambitious New Year’s resolution.

He was bound to fail.

O’Keeffe, who’s spent most of his life dieting and getting regular exercise, told The Aussie Advocate he knew he needed to make changes but had been putting it off.

“I was eating so well and training so much that I started to develop a very fit-looking beach body,” the self-described fitness enthusiast said.

“I thought if I continue like this I will end up musclebound.”

That’s when O’Keeffe knew he had a problem so to break the obsessive behaviour he set himself a New Year’s resolution.

“I committed to eat and drink as much pizza and piss I could handle, and then do nothing but loaf about on the sofa and watch tele all day.

“But within just three days of this strict regime I caved.

“Before I knew it I was back to eating plate-loads of chicken breast and green salads, and exercising two hours a day.”

O’Keeffe said he can’t believe how committed some people are with chugging down copious amounts of pizza, piss and tele surfing.

“Those people are on a whole new level of commitment,” he said.

“I could never have that kind of discipline. It’s just not for me.”