Australia’s heatwave so hot it is causing entire coastlines to melt into the Indian Ocean

  • 700km stretch of coast from Fremantle to Albany begins melting under extreme heat in Western Australia.
  • 3500kms of inland and coast along the Great Australian Bite melts into the ocean in South Australia. Worst affected areas are Port Augusta through to Adelaide and Mt Gambier.
  • 2500kms of land and coast melt into the Bass Strait in Victoria. Worst affected areas are Warrnambool in the state’s South West through to Melbourne, Yanakie and Port Albert.

Authorities are pleading with Australians right across the country to stay indoors and keep cool as a record-breaking heatwave literally fries half of the continent.

With temperatures soaring to over 55 degrees Celsius in some towns and cities on Sunday afternoon, reports started coming in that entire roads, highways and buildings were melting.

“This is by far the worst hot weather conditions we’ve ever seen,” said a spokesman from the Weatherzone meteorology.

“It’s crucial that people get plenty of water and stay indoors to avoid the extreme heat.”

A Sky News meteorologist has warned the extreme weather is causing unprecedented damage to coastal areas as they swelter under the hot sun.

“We are seeing parts of Western Australia, South Australia and Victoria literally melting into the Indian Ocean.

“It’s like nothing I’ve ever witnessed in my 45 years as a meteorologist. It’s truly apocalyptic!”

Meanwhile beaches along the East coast have been packed with people and families trying to escape the record-breaking heat while lifesavers warn beachgoers to swim between the flags.