Heart warming scenes as dozens of baby funnel web spiders born at The Australian Reptile Park

It was cuteness overload at The Australian Reptile Park on Sunday when more than a hundred baby funnel web spiders were welcomed to the wildlife sanctuary.

The arrival follows a touching video of the hatching captured by staff who later posted it to their Facebook page.

“It was truly a precious moment to witness the adorable spiderlings emerge from the egg,” said one of the staff members present at the hatching.

“As a mother of three young children myself, I was so endeared by the tiny spiders crawling out for the first time that I picked one up to give him a rub on his tummy.

“He was such a cute and playful little thing.”

The infant arachnids will be cared for by specialist staff while their exhausted mother gets some much needed rest.

“The mother funnel web spider and her babies are now part of a big happy family of animals and arachnids at the park,” a representative told reporters.

“We know they’ll feel right at home here.”

Meanwhile, animal rights activists have demanded the Reptile Park set free the spiders.

“We oppose the capture and confinement of the funnel web spiders and call for the immediate release of them back into their natural habitat,” read the activists’ statement.