Tens of Thousands To Disrupt Australia Day Celebrations: ‘We’re Going To Work Instead’

Mark and Timothy will join tens of thousands of others on Friday to disrupt Australia Day celebrations by going to their jobs, it has been revealed.

Mark, a middle manager from Western Sydney, said he’ll do much more than follow through on his threat to turn up to work.

“I’m not only going to show up at the office on Friday morning, I’m going to work my ass off all day too,” he said, adding that most days working as a public servant is much like a day off relaxing at the cinemas anyway.

Timothy said that he’ll not only happily go to work to protest the date but will demand his employer withhold penalty pay rates as well.

“I’m serious about changing Australia Day to another date and I’ll be putting my money where my mouth is in support of this great cause.”

It will be the first time in the nation’s history as many Australians work on the public holiday to show how serious they are about wanting change.

Meanwhile, authorities are warning drivers to be extra careful on the roads on Australia Day with traffic expected to be much higher than usual as more people rush to their jobs.