This loving bee and spider just want to marry so they can live happy lives like everyone else

Enjoying each other’s company at home – Photo Laurence Sanders

On the surface it looks like any marriage – they live together, they share the chores and have the occasional argument.

But this bee and spider are anything but married.

In fact while the amorous couple from Queensland enjoy a loving relationship most would envy, they aren’t allowed to marry because Australian law forbids them to.

“It’s unfair and discriminates against couples in a symbiotic relationship,” says Wolf, the spider, adding that the freedoms and happiness of others shouldn’t be impeded by a select few.

“I bet no one would have issues if I wanted to marry another spider, same sex or not.”

Leafcutter the bee says she not only feels discriminated against by not being allowed to wed her loving hairy partner but fears being seen together with him in public places.

“Everyone treats us like we’re some freak of nature,” she laments.

“It’s truly awful, they stop and stare at us, take photos and then write unkind articles about us in the media.”

The couple say they will continue to defend their right to marry and hope that one day Australians will move on from their archaic ways.