Bernard Tomic regrets being a tennis player: “Would’ve preferred becoming a labourer instead”

To one day become a top sports star is a dream for many children and young people.

But not for Bernard Tomic, telling reporters today that he deeply regrets getting into tennis, wishing instead he pursued a career in labouring or cleaning.

When asked whether or not he regretted ever becoming a professional tennis player, a career which has enabled Tomic to become a millionaire at 25 years old with over $6 million in prize money, not including earnings from sponsorships and endorsements, he said:

“Yeah, probably. The grind with everything and I mean taken, you know, 18 years already. It’s stressful, it’s not easy, it’s a big job.”

He later told The Aussie Advocate at a press conference one of the main reasons he felt such regret was missing out on important life experiences.

“To think I’ve missed my window of opportunity to ever have a job cleaning floors and labouring under a hot tin roof in a factory for $18.29 per hour is quite depressing.

“I guess I’ll never know what it’s like to work 40 hours each week for 15 years and still be unable to afford a deposit on a home.

“Life can be so unfair sometimes.”