Kellogg’s to announce new line of ‘Throw-Out-The-Cereal-and-Eat-The-Box” cereals

Kellogg’s are set to announce their new ‘Throw-Out-The-Cereal-and-Eat-The-Box” product line of cereals, due to hit supermarket shelves later this year.

The announcement marks the first time in its 111-year history the breakfast food manufacturer has conceded kids’ health important.

Kellogg’s Chief Executive Officer, Steven Cahillane, told The Aussie Advocate it’s been a long time coming to achieve a nutritional breakfast.

“After more than a century of striving to create a healthy breakfast formulation for children we finally got it right,” he said.

“As a consequence, we can now expect much lower rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease diagnosed in our kids.”

Cahillane said the Kellogg’s product development team were astonished to find the missing nutritional link was staring them in the face the whole time.

“Who would’ve thought the nutrition in our products isn’t in the cereal we formulate but in the box?”

“You can bet that’s a whole lot less sugar, salt and shit your children will be eating. And we know kids are gonna love it!”

Kellogg’s new television ads, which will begin running next week, shows a family enjoying their new recycled breakfast box with milk while using the cereal for confetti and food fights.