“Turn off Trivago” Is The new Trivago ad that promises to be priceless

Hotel search company Trivago is set to release their 1200th television commercial ad that claims will be “priceless” for millions of Australian viewers.

The new Trivago ad, which like all Trivago ads that run hundreds of times a day on television networks across the nation, features Gabrielle Miller, the Aussie Trivago gal, telling viewers how they can get the best deal using Trivago.

The Aussie Advocate was fortunate to get a sneak view of the new commercial before its official release on TV networks later in the year.

“Did you notice there are so many Trivago ads out there for the exact same deal?” Miller says at the start of the commercial.

“Well, Trivago does the work for you.

“You can instantly end the reruns of over 6000 different Trivago ads from over 200 different television networks.

“So instead of watching boring Trivago ads for hours and hours every day, Trivago makes it easy for you to find the best deal on your daily television viewing.

“Just go to Trivago, type in the channel you want to watch, and with two clicks, select your turn on and turn off dates, and submit. It’s that simple.

“Remember Trivago shows you all the different Trivago ads for the exact same deal, and that’s how you can be sure you find the ideal option for frustration-free television viewing.

“Turn off. Trivago.”

Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports suggest that comparison website Finder will also be releasing a similar commercial in the near future.