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Australia (not to be confused with Austria) is a country located somewhere toward the bottom-half of the planet. Much of the rest of the world have no clue about this remote land. Hardly surprising. When was the last time you heard Australia lead the world into something exciting like a catastrophic war or major economic collapse?

But make no mistake about Australia’s generous contribution to the world. Australia represents 0.33% of the world’s population, 1.94% of the global economy and 1.24% of the world’s CO2 emissions. Now that’s some serious global presence!

And while we’re at it let’s not overlook some of the planet’s most treasured assets found only on this distant island continent. One being its distinctive wildlife.

Some of the best known are dingoes, koalas and kangaroos. But it’s the Bogan specie which gets a special mention. The Bogan is one of Australia’s most populous native inhabitant and notorious for its feral binge-drinking behaviour.

Granted the Bogan is not the proudest of Aussie showpieces but the wild specimen gives onlookers a good laugh. You can bet The Aussie Advocate will deliver plenty of breaking news on Bogan events.

Having said that, The Aussie Advocate aims to satirise much more than uniquely Australian peculiarities. In fact, we look for satire in anything and everything in life, here and around the world.

So here at The Aussie Advocate you will find plenty of satire and humour. But please be aware that with exception of the occasional reference to local and international celebrities, all situations and events on this site are completely made up and fictitious. Please don’t take anything you read on The Aussie Advocate serious.

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